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The Benefits of Massage

Soothes aching muscles and
breaks down areas of tension

Boosts the body's immune system

Increases circulation

Improves skin and muscle tone

Reduces stress levels

Lifts the spirits and creates
a sense of deep relaxation



MASSAGE is a form of therapeutic bodywork that has existed for thousands of years
and is well known for its health benefits. A regular massage is a wonderful way to
maintain great health and it feels fantastic too!

I work in London and offer a few different types of massage depending on your needs:

Holistic massage: A deeply relaxing full body treatment that allows time to really
understand your body and work into specific areas of tension.

Chair massage: This is a 'through the clothes' treatment designed to quickly refresh
and revitalize the body. Perfect for an office environment it targets the areas where we
hold most tension (head, shoulders and neck) to reduce stress and boost morale.

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